iPhone SE....... Easy to Handle

Bigger and bigger smartphones are coming in market day-by-day. It is difficult to handle big or large phones with one hand. Many peoples want to have the problem with large phones because it is difficult to handle large phones.They want a smartphone which has advanced features and small size. So Apple fulfilled their wish with iPhone SE. iPhone SE ends the trend of big phones.It is easy to tackle with iPhone SE

iPhone SE Design:

iPhone SE Easy to Handle

iPhone SE almost looks like iPhone 5 and 5S. iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S owner will feel at ease with iPhone SE. There is no difference between iPhone 5 and iPhone SE except now you can get a rose gold colour and its cut edges are matte instead of shiny chromium. iPhone SE still feels a level of excellence and its aluminium back is hard and cool to the touch. It can be easily handled with one hand.
But there is one fault that the phone is harsh from edges.

iPhone SE Screen And Audio:

 It display is similar to 5S. It is bright enough to use outside or in sunlight. Screen resolution is 1136 into 640 which is good enough sharp 326 pixels per inch.

Speakers are present at the bottom looks good. the quality of sound is good but the top level volume is not so much high instead of other phones. Call quality is also good and provide clear sound through noise cancelling mic.
Electronic screen emits blue light which forces the body to thinks that it's still daylight, and it stops you from sleeping. Night Shift in iPhone SE stops this.
 iPhone SE shows changes in colour tone. This feature makes it warmer and removes  a lot of blue light.Apple app store is of good quality which contains best games and apps.


iPhone SE rear isight camera makes it interesting. iPhone 6S and iPhone SE has same sensor and lens. So it's one of the most awesome phone cameras in the market. 
Not only its picture quality makes it stunning, another reason is that you can use it easily because of the robust camera app, that allows the shooting of pictures which can be viewed as short videos. 
A 12- megapixels sensor is good for these days but it is not so much amazing. 
The lens of iPhone SE is fast enough and it uses "focus Pixels" technology which allows speedy focusing. It has wider aperture and uses optical image stabilisation which keeps the lens stable and provides the clear image. 
It arrives with perfect slo-mo video recording and also shares 4K video recording. 
The rear camera is stunning but front camera is not so good. It has a 12-megapixel sensor. iPhone SE and iPhone 6S makes a huge difference. It also uses Retina Flash, which makes the screen brighter than normal.

iOS 9 and Apps:

iPhone SE uses iOS9. It arrives with new features like Night Shift Feature. The iPhone SE arrives with NEC Chip but you can use it with Apple Pay. By this, you can use Touch ID fingerprint sensor that is present at the bottom of the home.


It uses a dual-core A9 processor and 2GB Ram. It is the most powerful handset these days. But its screen resolution is too much lower. It better test on hardcore gaming. 
In iPhone SE's diminutive frame, the amazing amount of processing muscles is present. With the help of new processor, Touch ID locks phone more quickly than iPhone 5S.
The A9 processor present more amazing experience. It improves the efficiency of iPhone SE. With the A9 processor, iPhone SE uses less battery. And it also uses M9 co-processor for improving battery life M9 co-processor lessen the power drain rapidly.
Performance is perhaps identical yo iPhone 6S, except one feature. iPhone 6S possess 3D touch feature, allows you to have access to the extra feature on iPhone 6S.
iPhone SE arrives in two storage capacities 16 GB and 64 GB. According to me, 16 GB is not enough these days when you cannot add micro SD card 64 GB is good but expensive.

If you like the small phone, good camera, long battery life and speedy processor, you should buy iPhone SE which is not cheap but its price is low.


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